Toby Royal

Student & Freelance Developer

Email me: [email protected] or you can view my LinkedIn profile

Current Education: International Baccalaureate (Graduation year of 2022).
Higher Levels include: English Language & Liturature, Design Technology, and Economics.
Standard Levels include: German B Language Acquisition, Mathematics Applications & Interpretation, and Geography.

About me:

I am growing my experience with hardware and software solutions, server and networking setups, theater lighting, sound engineering, video editing and vision mixing. I constantly like to learn more skills relating to those that I've just mentioned as I can see myself working in the IT industry either that be handling computer and networking infrastructure or taking part in the AV technical side of theatre productions.


I have many skills that help me with my development and progression as a freelance developer. I am fluent in HTML, CSS and PHP. I have an ever-growing experience with JavaScript and MySQL plus minor experience with Python, C#, C++, and LUA.

I'm also fluent with the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and the entire Google G-Suite (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms) as well as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. I also hold growing skills with Cisco Meraki & Switch CLI with intentions to get CCNA Certification. I'm proficient in troubleshooting and problemsolving when it comes to IT.

HTML Certification

Experience & Work: Visit Project Website

ClassTab was a joined project with myself and another developer. ClassTab allows students to see their Google Classroom assignments and announcements everytime a new tab gets opened up.

Thin Ice Film Visit Website

I was contacted by Techa Films to create a website for their latest upcoming movie project. I decided to take a break from manually coding everything to using an application called Webflow to create it visually.

ISB Zendesk Template

During my summer internship with the IT department at my school, I was asked to re-design the current Zendesk template that they had in place. Having 0 experience working with any Zendesk templating before, I gave it my best shot and over the course of 3 days, the site was ready to go and looked better than before.

Pontifex Technologies

Pontifex is a company I founded and operate where we look into development of applications, hosting solutions for people who need cheap yet reliable options, and livestreaming solutions because of my past experiences.

AV Technical Crew

I have been in my school's AV technical crew for many productions that they have. I've been in the crew for 5 1/2 years which has tought me many skills that you can read about further below.

School's IT Internship

With this internship I've gained lots of experience and knowledge with how to manage IT infrastructure such as: looking at Cisco network configurations using Meraki and the CLI on various switches, managing an entire virtualized infrastructure with VMWare's ESXi and vSphere, and assisting in server repairs and maintenance like swapping RAM modules. Additionally I looked at the Veracross API and various other software's or API's they use such as Jamf, Google, Trello, PRTG and a few others.

My AV Technical Crew Experience:

Because I've worked in the AV tech crew at my school for over 5 1/2 years, I've gained a lot of knowledge to help me in future careers such as dealing with people in stressful and time sensitive situations. I've also got experience with ETC Lighting Consoles, Alen and Heath sound boards, Shure microphone systems, theatre lighting engineering (working with Artnet and DMX) and lighting design (for example, designing stages and rigging lights). I have also recently gotten into video and live video production as being a vision mixer for my school and editing videos for them.

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